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Our Policy


We have a complete open door policy.  Parents are welcome to observe or participate in the classrooms, without notice, any time of day.

We welcome parent volunteers in our classrooms. Our staff will graciously assist you in becoming an intricate member of our classroom.

Monthly lesson plans and activities are posted for your review.

Daily sheets with pertinent information are exchanged between the staff and parents regarding their child on a daily basis.

Enrollment of any child must be made in person. No correspondence by mail will be acceptable. We must meet, interview and inform parents of their rights as well as our policies.

Staff members will be accessible to parents at all times. In addition, meetings may be scheduled, on a bi-monthly basis, to discuss individual concerns and programs.

Open Houses are scheduled throughout the year. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend. It affords the opportunity to get involved with your child’s program.

Annual conferences will be available for those who wish to be included. Topics will be listed in advance.


The Director is easily available by telephone. An appointment can be scheduled upon request.

Early Learner’s childcare believes in active communication with parents. You are welcome to visit or call anytime during the day. Parents are also invited to participate in classroom activities by sharing a song or story, family tradition, or simply spending some time during the day.
Communication boards in each classroom, as well as a general board in the front lobby, ensure that all important information is disseminated to families. Teachers privide parents with a daily written report of the child’s personal habits, i.e. eating, diapering/toileting, napping, etc. An account of classroom activities is documented through a board (updated daily), a monthly curriculum posting and a calendar of events.
Teachers also provide parents with verbal information on their child’s accomplishments of the day during pick-up time.

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