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Infant Room

4 weeks to 1 year old

The caregivers work with each child on activities that stimulate and foster the developemental milestones. They make sure each baby’s primary needs are met as they are held, loved and encouraged to explore the environment. Caregivers and parents work closely to develop and modify routines so that babies feel secure and comfortable. Infant classrooms are equipped with safe and age appropriate toys, soft cushions for climbing, stationary exercisers, soft motion swings, and high chairs. Soft music is played throughout the day.

Infants EL2014-018

Toddlers EL2014-045

Pre-School 2-3 years EL2014-044

Pre-School 3-4 years EL2014-050

Pre-Kindergarten EL2014-046

Kindergarten EL2014-052

After School/Summer Camp EL2014-035