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Toddler Room

1 to 2 years old


The main goals of the toddler class are to provide a loving, caring atmosphere where physical attention is freely given, and to instill in each child a feeling of autonomy and a positive self-concept.
Caregivers provide for language developement, social developement, and establish foundations for the respect of others and their environment. Self-help skills are developed to create a feeling of independence and confidence. Teachers encourage and children learn from each other as they progress in toilet training at their own pace.

Infants EL2014-018

Toddlers EL2014-045

Pre-School 2-3 years EL2014-044

Pre-School 3-4 years EL2014-050

Pre-Kindergarten EL2014-046

Kindergarten EL2014-052

After School/Summer Camp EL2014-035